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Betting And Online Gaming: Why Do Influencers Normalize Them?

This industry, like all others, seeks to expand its benefits further. To do this, it tries to attract new players, who are increasingly younger, in different ways. And after trying other avenues, he has found a niche in video games and streamers. The video game industry, in turn, has seen the integration of games of chance as a great source of income.

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Elements of gambling have been introduced into video games for years. At first, they are in a somewhat hidden way, but lately, they don’t put much effort into hiding it. In many games, the recommended age does not matter; when doing missions, we have to play roulette to know what rewards we will obtain, or the rewards are displayed in a slot machine format. In addition, many times, the jackpot is shown right next to what we have won, giving the feeling that we have many possibilities so that we can get it next time.

Among the monetization and marketing techniques that video games use to get players to spend more money within the games, LootBoxes or Loot Boxes take the cake. They are boxes with a specific absolute value whose content is a mystery. They can be purchased with real or virtual money since video games have adopted virtual currencies and casinos, so players do not know precisely how much they are spending. When paying and opening the box, we may receive something equivalent to what we paid, with a more excellent or lower value. You always touch something; it is not an option you don’t feel, although the prize can have a value close to 0. It is like a slot machine or going to a store with €30 and waiting for them to give you some socks or a jacket.

Although players do not want to buy these Loot Boxes, the game makes them participate in this dynamic by giving away the first ones so that players experience that emotion or by giving them prizes or rewards in the form of Loot Boxes.

In Belgium, these practices are prohibited since they are considered gambling, and other countries are beginning to regulate them.

Top Online Casino ReviewStreamers who have many followers, many of them minors, are contacted by online casino companies and paid to broadcast live games. Most of the money is paid in-game credit, which streamers use to bet massive amounts on the slot machine or online casino. Playing large quantities gives them more options to win large amounts of money, and their reactions when winning are honest.

The followers of these streamers do not know that they are advertising, that they are paid for the game and that they win large amounts because they have played large amounts.

Other streamers and influencers are contacted by online betting companies so that they say they have played and won a lot of money or recommend doing so on their social networks. The few scruples of these companies and some streamers cause millions of teenagers to see often how their idols earn money in online casinos, online slot machines, and online bets… causing normalization, even the curiosity or desire to play and giving the false sensation that it has no associated risk.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of how the online gaming industry is trying to win over children and adolescents by entering video games and the world of streamers.

If you’re looking at online gambling from a business perspective, it’s essential to understand the legal landscape, as it varies significantly by region. Some areas strictly regulate or even prohibit online gambling, while others have more permissive environments. Key considerations include:

  • Securing appropriate licensing.
  • Implementing robust age verification processes.
  • Ensuring fair gaming practices.
  • Adopting responsible gambling measures.

From a user’s standpoint, engaging with reputable sites that offer fair games and being aware of the risks and legalities involved in their jurisdiction is crucial. Responsible gambling practices are essential to prevent addiction and financial harm.